Waiting in Vain

One-Act | 2F 2M 2N

Produced through Ambiance Theatre Company at Augsburg University (Sep. 2019)

Waiting in Vain is a story of four Black teens who commit a robbery at a local gas station. They run and hide in an abandoned Kohl's to avoid arrest and to wait for the hype to simmer down. As the media and police collect evidence, the teens become more worried, which places themselves in an endless battle to figure out if they should escape together or on their own. This story explores the the interconnectedness of youthful decisiveness, purpose, and Blackness in the hands of systemic condition and oppression. Do they escape? Or do they find their way back to normal? Waiting in Vain is an infusion of realism, irony, and the surreal.

Waiting in Vain Rehearsal Process & Interview | Captured by John Vang

Interview with cast & crew about the rehearsal process.

Picture taken in Tjornhom-Nelson Theater (Augsburg University) in Minneapolis, MN

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