Artistic Statement

As a writer and director, I have centered a lot of my attentiveness on my experiences as a black man. My intentions as an artist are to build content that engage in civil discourse around black mental health, the avenues black men take to heal, and the signs we ignore that would helps us heal. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for Black men and boys. It is evident that this issue deserves treatment for change. However, there are societal and socioeconomic hurdles that may cause Black men and boys to be left without resources, and for decades of my life, I had to deal with similar hurdles. I want my projects to play a role in bridging that gap; becoming a resource to black men and boys that don’t have accessible resources toward healing.

I have had opportunities to engage in similar conversations both as a performer and writer. In 2019, I worked with Ambiance Theatre Company to produce a play of mine titled, Waiting in Vain, a story about four Black teens that make a lucrative, yet, faulty plan that change their lives forever. Working with Ambiance was the first project that gave me the ability to workshop a script and play with new drafts throughout rehearsal. In December of 2019, I joined Red Eye Theater’s Works In Progress 4 Weeks, where I will be writer and director of a new play titled, SISSY, a mascu- poem. Through feedback sessions with a cohort and rehearsals using our own artistic teams, Red Eye will place our works into performance in the spring of 2020.

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